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Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
israel is inadequate. in 2008 - hagel broke ranks with other republicans to support obama. his path to nomination could be rocky. also monday the president nominated john brennan - his chief counter-terrorism adviser to be the new c-i-a boss. he's had an office in the west wing - and the ear of the president. >> he is one of the hardest public servants i have ever seen. >> catherine: his choice is also not without some controversy. brennan was a candidate for cia director 4 years ago - contention when critics slammed his involvement in bush-era interrogations. and he's been accused of helping to manipulate leaks to boost the administrations national security credentials. at that news conference was bay area native and outgoing defense secretary leon panetta who got a laugh.when he talked about returning to his walnut farm. >> >> "my family.and my walnut farm.a different set of nuts." (laughter) >> pam: secretary of state hillary clinton went back to work today. and she has some extra protection against another head injury. as a little joke.her staff gave her the gift of a regu
Jan 27, 2013 8:00pm PST
rememberto never forget israel's holocaust museum yad vashem is making sure the history of the holocaust is never lost the latest exhibit highlights a few of the71- thousand newly collected items from those who lived itas well as their stories. >> "it was actually on my birthday, the 7th of september, '39 when warsaw was bombed and there were bombs for years. even today i'm afraid of planes because bombs fell and my father was urged to immediately leave warsaw. we got into a car with our things and we drove until the petrol ran out" >> reporter: and then ilana landau karniel says, at the age of 6 she, her brother 12 and her parents began to walk their journey was just beginning >> "we got to rovne - that's a border between poland and russia," >> reporter: all she remembers is that they were sent to a labor camp she still has the camp layout her brother sketched for her so she wouldn't get lost. >> "it was very cold in siberia, and we were hungry. she says"i remember it was very cold, and we were swollen with hunger and frozen from the cold." >> reporter: so many details of the journeyhave f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2